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About Us

About Us

Sekolah Monte Sienna is committed towards the establishment of a community wherein individuals are united in their words as they are their actions. Each individual adheres to moral values that make him/her an integrated and wholesome person who is worthy of trust. The individuals whose characters are further developed by Sekolah Monte Sienna can relate and respect the accomplishment of their peers and that of others. They are able to acknowledge their own capabilities and limitations and have the ability to stand with integrity as a person.


To empower students to be life-long learners and competent leaders, to participate in and contribute to the global world 


1. To empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge 

and skills as life-long learners.

2. To prepare and motivate our students to respect the core values of creativity, 

communication, critical thinking, collaboration, discipline, integrity,

excellence, spirituality and perseverance.

3. To provide a diverse educational experience for students to believe in 

themselves and discover their true potential.

4. To provide high quality, comprehensive and meaningful education for all students.

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Our Facilities

In order to actualize the school's committment, MS provides learners with facilities that are tailored to meet their needs and to likewise ensure a meaningful development.


ICT Laboratory

Music Room


Science Laboratory

Sports Hall



Our Proffessional Educators Team

Ibu Dede Yuliana Tandri


Ms. Ann Lim


Mr. Ariel Schatenstein

Acting Principal

Ms. Elysabeth Liu

Deputy Principal

Ms. Ma. Socorro Austria

Head of Discipline & Education Counsellor

Ms. Anis Abd Razak

PYP Coordinator

PYP Teachers

MYP-SMA Homeroom Teachers

Subject Specialists Teachers