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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Working with teachers or professionals is like playing a basketball or is simply working as a team. Leaders delegate tasks according to the personality and somehow expertise of each team member. Teachers often draw support from each other (usually of the same group – e.g. PYP, MYP, SMA). Collaboration between teachers and other stakeholders in the community contributes a lot to the improvement of the school for the betterment of the students. – Mr. Josel Ocampo


Working in MS with other teachers have been a great experience. We often share and communicate with each other on how to make students learn better in the classroom. – Ms. Rachana M.


Having been here for about four years already, working with a number of colleagues

coming from different backgrounds is a worthwhile journey. It has provided me the opportunity to know them more, grow with them, connect with them and even argue with one or a few. Yet regardless of any situation, being under one roof in terms of chosen calling, it’s always having to improve that brings one into a better position, thus making it a worthwhile encounter. Indifference and sense of communal or individual achievement will always be there but despite such truth, it is always our profession that will bind us all together. – Mr. Bob Eula


Working in Monte Sienna gave me the opportunity to be exposed with colleagues from different cultural, familial and religious backgrounds. I’ve gained wisdom in dealing with professionals with different work ethics and philosophies especially in teaching. Through Monte Sienna, I was able to establish a network of educator from different parts of the world, this alone is an indispensable tool. The knowledge and skills that I have gained from various educators that I have the chance to work with will surely remain with me for the rest of my teaching years. – Ms. Joy Campomayor


Working with the teachers and staff here at Sekolah Monte Sienna is both a privilege and a wonderful experience for me. As I collaborate with the seasoned and new teachers in this school, I learn from them their wide range of points of view about their pedagogical approach to teaching and the value of their hard work in school. The determination that I witness to all the staff teaches me a lesson that I should grind out in whatever circumstance I will soon face in my teaching career. – Mr. Roden Cabilles

I am able to learn IB pedagogy in Sekolah Monte Sienna and this gives me the chance to widen my knowledge and experience.  This is totally a new experience for me and I truly enjoy it. – Mr. Lang Lang Labela


The difference that I felt while teaching at Sekolah Monte Sienna is that the teaching materials and delivery have to be in English – this enhances my language acquisition. Moreover, with the introduction of IB pedagogy, I am able to expand my knowledge and experience further, especially with the different teaching and learning strategies. – Ms. Ella Darmayanti


In spite of my long experience as an educator still, the pedagogical approaches and belief systems of IB helps me to grow to an even better educator. – Ms. Felicitas Infante


As a proud IB educator, for less than two years using the IB framework, now I can say that I am equipped with trainings, strategies, and techniques being effective and efficient teacher moulding students to be globally competitive not only in academics but also in real world. Before, I am more focused on building concepts with more objectives questions but having this IB in Sekolah Monte Sienna, all I can say is that I found the answer why teaching is a noble profession. It is because I am teaching in a way that students will make use of their learning connecting in real world, and reflecting the impact of Science (since I am teaching Science) which we are giving them the chance to involve in the community. – Mr. Keith Yecla