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Monte Sienna School is a leading  school in Batam for a number of reasons. One of which is that its educational philosophy is not justone that embodies  the ideals emanating from the Pancasila, but it also embraces a framework required for  21st century learners.

The second reason is that as a leading school in Batam when it comes to international standards, Monte Sienna offers the IBPYP Curriculum to our primary and junior high while Pearson Edexcel to our senior high students. With two outstanding international standard based curricula, Monte Sienna is able to provide you a an unparrelleded commitment in preparing child for success.

Thirdly, as a small school we are able and do offer students the care and support that is needed to ensure both academic and social success. Teachers undergo regular internal and external Professional Development equipping them with the skills that are heeded in and outside of the classroom.

Finally, Batam is an island that looks out beyond the borders of Indonesia and as one of the most important hubs in Indonesia we utilise that in our education for students. This means we look deeply into the aspects of Batam, it’s communications, its people its trade etc, enabling real world and tangible experiences that students understand and can explore further through inquiry.

In Sekolah Monte Sienna we offer-
–  An IB Primary Years Programme for 3 to 12 Years Old.
–  The Monte Sienna Middle Years Programme for 12 to 15 Years Old.
–  Senior High School From 15 to 18 Years Old.