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Senior High School

What Is Special about  SMA Programme at Monte Sienna?

We believe our students…

  • Deserve the best possible preparation for the University or College.

  • Have different learning styles, which should be taken into consideration during assessment.

  • Should explore their knowledge and skill capability by taking and pass tasking IGCSE.

  • Are communicators, in both their mother tongue and in multiple foreign languages.

  • Need to explore Indonesia & the city of Batam as a classroom.

  • Benefit immensely from National and Pearson Education Programme.

  • SMA graduation can go to Fairview college in Malaysia.

  • prepare students to look for the future in the right path according to their talent and capability.

Sekolah Monte Sienna will be applying to be a candidate school to the Diploma to this accreditation will enable students to build upon the skills and learning developed in the IB Diploma Years Programme. Monte Sienna specifically aims to connect classroom content to the wider world and to offer a student-centric learning environment.

How Has Monte Sienna Created Relevant and Student-Centred Classrooms?

ISMS has… 

  • Comfortable and closed relationship to grow among students, classmates, and teachers.

  • Emphasized interdisciplinary learning so that students build understanding across subjects.

  • Given students opportunities to show their strengths and rewarded students for achievements.

  • Helped students build awareness of their own learning processes.

  • Empowered students to make positive choices in a complex and rapidly changing world.

  • Encouraged the improvement of communication skills by giving students the time to study up

    to three languages.


What Are the Results of a SMA Education at Monte Sienna?

ISMS students… 

  • They can choose major they have to take for the college preparation.

  • Connect knowledge across subject areas.

  • Are aware of real-world issues.

  • Form their own international outlook.

  • Make informed, positive decisions.

    Understand how they learn.

  • Have skills that will enable them to become lifelong learners.

  • Can communicate across cultures.