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Why Sekolah Monte Sienna Has The Best Virtual Learning System?

Monte Sienna Renders an Unrivaled Online Learning Experience

It’s true that learning never stops! And despite hurdles brought about by the pandemic, Monte Sienna responded right away by finding the best means that it can provide to its students. When the school felt the impact of Covid-19 to the education sector worldwide, MS took the challenge. Right away the team prepared its teachers and organised the classes. With skills and tools ready to embark on a new learning experience, MS has by far surpassed all other schools in Batam when it comes to virtual learning. Through the tireless participation and support of parents, this new avenue of learning has perhaps exceeded expectations. Learning continued for each Siennan student. With a proud faculty of young, vibrant and team-oriented teachers – both local and foreign ones – the school was sure enough that it will be on a right direction. Time may have been a factor but given with exposure to the sophistication brought about by the current trends in technology, having to learn tools to facilitate online learning was only a matter of days. Google Drive, Zoom, ClassDojo, Edmodo, MS PPT, Padlet, Google Forms and the like, then added as well by Pearson and IB webinars related to online learning and navigation of tools… All of which have equipped the teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to sustain such platform of learning both done synchronously and asynchronously.

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